Senior Care Management

Geriatric Care Management Services

Ageless Transitions, LLC can provide care management that includes a variety of services such as, assessments, coordination of care, expert referral source and options to remain in your home or to relocate to a retirement community. You or your loved one may need all of the services or just a few. Together we can create a plan of care that best identifies and meets the needs and ensures a quality of life during the later years. To begin, give us a call to discuss your wishes, current situation, concerns and solutions. We offer a free phone consultation to determine you or your loved one’s care needs.

The Initial Steps of Geriatric Care Management
  • Identify concerns, needs, and goals with the client and family.
  • Complete an assessment of the client’s home, medications, dementia screening, and health.
  • Review medical records.
  • Consult with doctors and other health care providers.
  • Develop care plan, advise client and family of best options based on a thorough  assessment.
  • Make referrals to other healthcare or care facilities based on discussion with client and family.

Ageless Transitions will provide follow up assessments and will prepare a report for you that will include information about your loved one’s living conditions and if there are any needs that should be met (i.e. your loved one’s contentment and adjustment with the move and facility, involvement with activities, healthcare needs, and nutrition).

The Phases of Geriatric Care Management

Assist with home care choices or facility admission, move, and adjustment period.
Provide ongoing evaluation to anticipate and solve problems as requested.
Monitor services for professionalism and effectiveness as requested.
Communicate with family members on regular basis as requested.
Accompany at doctor’s appointments and coordinate transportation needs.

Travel Assistance

Accompany your loved one to the airport and their destination.
Provide assistance and care to make sure they arrive safely.

Hours Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm or by appointment.